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Saubhagya Yojna Saubhagya Scheme for Government of India

Saubhagya Yojna Saubhagya Scheme for Government of India

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the welfare of the poor is our NDA Government identity

He launched a Rs 16,000-crore plan on the launch of a fortune, within which every household would get free electricity. Starting from the Sahaj Bijli Hari Ghar Yojana, ie 'Saughaji' electricity scheme, Modi said that the government would give electricity connection without any rupee at home and give electricity connection.

Modi said that India is moving towards surplus with electricity crisis. We are still worried about 4 crore families who do not have electricity connection. In 2015, we promised electricity to 18,000 villages. Now we have to connect only 3000 villages with electricity. After delivering electricity to every village by December 2017, the scheme has been started to provide electricity connections to all rural households under this scheme.

Smart e-meters in every village will be covered under the scheme. Anyone can recharge through a mobile phone. The customer will also be able to recharge up to 50 rupees.

Modi government will provide a battery bank in remote areas under the Sagajha Yojana. Solar power packs of 200 and 300 W.P. It will include the facility of five LEDlights, a DC fan, a DC power plug.

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