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Teacher And School Registration Online Entry Related Paripatra Akhbari Yadi

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Organization : Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board
Facility : Online Teacher Registration System

Online Teacher Registration System :
It is introduced for easier and faster communication between Schools, GS&HSEB and DEO Offices. 

This system has three kinds of users :
Each School, DEO Offices and Users at GS&HSEB will have Unique Username and Password to access this Online System.

1)School : The school will have their index number and password, they have to login into the system and have to Add /update their teachers information in the stipulated time period. If any information is missing, those information has be filled up by school.

2) DEO : Each DEO office will have their Username and password, with the help of which they can login to the system. They will only see the school information which covers under their district. After school filled up their Teachers information , it is the turn of DEO to check the information and if anything can be contributed by DEO he filled up the information and verify the data.

3) GSHSEB : Board will have their user name and password. After the DEO verified a particular details, it is the turn of GSHSEB to verify teachers record for each school.

User (School/Board/DEO) will redirect to application interface on logging into the system with their Username and password.

After logging into the system user can see the Teacher Registration form which has been divided into 5 sections/pages:
 Teacher's Personal Detail
 Teacher’s Academic Detail
 Teacher Institutional Experience
 Teacher Achievement & Penalty Detail
 Teacher Examination Information

These pages are designed to get specific detail about teacher , his/her personal details, about the graduations , Institutional experience, achievement & penalty related information if any s and exam information can be filled by navigating through these pages. School has to update their teachers details in acceptable defined period from Education Board.

After some stipulated time period decided by Board DEO will verify information. If DEO finds any information wrong he has rights to update details. After DEO verification Board will also verify school details.

Login To Application :When you first access this , You will enter to welcome page of Teacher Registration Application.

After clicking on "School login" link ,it will open login page in new window.
Each School will have their independent Username and Password. Login with Username which is your school Index No.
Enter Index No and Password .
Click on Login button. It will redirect to Application.

School can login to teacher registration only if school has authenticated in school registration for current Academic year.

Search Teacher :
After successfully login in, you will enter to home page of Application. It will display list of teachers record of that particular school.

Here you can search individual teacher record by his/her name.

This page appears with information of Teacher's Name, Date Of Birth , Graduation , Experience,Image , Bank Detail, Marks of Preferable Subjec1 and Subject2 etc as you have already filled some details.

School can also view status either "Incomplete Record" or "Complete Record" of teacher's detail whether he/she has completed his information or not. Below Criteria For record "Incomplete Record" 

Teacher Image

Graduation (Require one detail)
Total experience (Read Official Advertisement)

All Bank Details (Teacher Bank Account No, Bank Name, Branch Name, Teacher Name As per Bank Account,IFSC Code )

Preferable Subject 1 and Preferable Subject 1 experience

As Shown in image this Page shows total no of teacher are existing in the school.

This page also shows total no of require teacher for this

Important Link

Home Page :

School Registration:-Click Here

School Registration Info Book:-Click Here

Teacher Registration:-Click Here

Teacher Book:- Click Here

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