Now Diving will be written in the license, I am the donor donor

Now Diving will be written in the license, I am the donor donor

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Junagadh: Government has been making effective efforts to promote donation activity. Under this effort, new initiatives are now being taken in which a new license holder, who is willing to donate, will be written on his license that I am a donor. For this reason donation of donor's donation easily and immediately in case of accidental death.

A new initiative is being taken by the RTO department for this activity. Now, while creating a driving license, a form will be filled by RTO for the purpose of donating it. OD will be later written on their issued license card. (Organ Donor) means I am a donor. Angang Danta has to say that he wants to donate the whole body that wants to donate only a few parts of his body like eyes, heart, beads, levers. There should be two witnesses for this and the donor will have to sign them on the form.

The OD will be written below the photo of the license

Under the photo of the license, the goal round will be written in the Audi. In such a way, during the time of the tragedy, people who help during treatment or help will get information that the licensor has donated. As a result, other people will get their limbs and new life will be provided. As well as getting this information will make the medical process easier.

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