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The poor in the upper class, they also get the benefit of the reservation: the High Court

The poor in the upper class, they also get the benefit of the reservation: the High Court

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Justice N. Kirubakar said on Friday that the poor people of the upper class caste are being ignored. Fear of social justice does not raise any noise in this matter. But the benefits of social justice should be met by every section of society.

In Madras High Court, 14 students of Tamil Nadu filed a petition against the decision of the state government to break the MBBS seats in government medical college article 14 and convert it to another reservation category. On hearing this petition, Justice Kirubakar said that the court knows that every section of the society has poor people. They should also have the opportunity to develop in academic, economical and social ways. Giving the benefit of the reservation to the people of this class is not currently seen as an action against the classes which are getting the benefit of the reservation.

Justice Kirubakar further said, "The poor are ultimately poor, whether it is the upper caste or the backward castes, of the so-called caste. Such a person should also be helped. Not only financial but also in the education and jobs, the same opportunities should be given to the benefit of the reservation.

Justice Kirubkar also directed the Tamil Nadu government to consider how to give reservation to poor people of upper castes.

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