This new 'Location' feature of WhatsApp is very useful for you!

This new 'Location' feature of WhatsApp is very useful for you! - One feature is featured in WhatsApp. This feature allows the user to track any location in real time. This feature will only be for number holders who are connected with WhatsApp and saved on mobile. Currently, Android and IOS users only benefit

The company has launched this feature on the beta version. The Android Beta version will be available at 2.16.399 and IOS Beta version Go to the Show My Friends Option. This feature will come with updating Whatsapp on the beta version. But by default the default will be disabled. That is to use it and to make it To activate it, go to 'Show My Friends' option in WhatsApp group setting.

After that you can select any of your friends and share the live location. There will also be some time slots for this. You can set one minute, two minutes, five minutes or other time. The set time will be completed or the locale will know automatically immediately.Live location can be used for either single or group. Clicking on stop sharing allows the location to be closed at any time.

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