Women sitting at home will do jobs in BPO, the government is bringing the scheme

Women sitting at home will do jobs in BPO, the government is bringing the scheme


New Delhi: Now women can work in BPO at home. The central government is going to bring a similar plan. Under which platform will be developed, in which about 100 women can work in BPO, business process outsourcing from their home. Here's the thing to note about that a good salary can be found in BPO and if women have to do this work from home then this could be a good option for their careers.

What is the scheme
So let's know what the government's plan is. Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that he has asked his department to make a scheme in which women are free to work from home. A group of about 100 women collect and work together and work together. He gave this information on Wednesday in a program of Rural BPO Promotion Scheme.

What is the BPO promotion scheme?

The development of IT sector in India is limited to selected cities only. There are many IT companies in urban areas such as Delhi-Noida, Gurgaam, Mumbai-Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore-Mysore and Chennai. Due to this, the central government decided in 2014 that IT jobs in small towns also have to be spread. As a result, the India BPO promotion scheme started.

The government gives 1 lakh rupees

In this scheme, as a viable gap funding, special incentive is given upto Rs 1 lakh per seat. This scheme focuses on providing employment to women and youth, youth. Under the BPO incentive scheme, 48,300 seats and the Eastern BPO incentive scheme is aimed at 5000 seats. So far 109 companies of 87 companies have been allocated 18,160 seats, which spread across 60 states of 19 states and union territories......

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