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The number will be linked to the same number of calls based on mobile number

The number will be linked to the same number of calls based on mobile number

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If you do not link your mobile number with support then this news is important to you. Mobile holders have been asked to join their mobile number base by March 31, 2018. Mobile users will be able to link their numbers with their base number at home by the number given here.

It is important that telecom companies were asked to join the mobile number sometime back. So the customer can link their mobile number to the base of the house. After which companies have started this system since January 1. Customers starting this system will no longer need to go anywhere with the support link.

UIDAI declared the number

The UIDAI has issued a number from the base authority. The customer will have to call this number and provide information related to the support. After that the customer's number will be linked to the base. For this, the support authority has started giving messages to users.

The whole process is based on OTP

On this number you can make a call and link their support to the mobile number. In fact, the process is based on OTP. Which has been implemented from January 1. Now any user can dial their toll free number 14546 to their mobile number and link their support to mobile number. The customer will be asked a number before dialing this number. Here you have to register your support number.

The customer gives his information

After registering the support number, the register will be accompanied by a One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile number. You will have to enter this OTP after entering it. After entering the OTP, your mobile number will be loaded with support.

Here's one thing to keep in mind that mobile customers give their true information. Mobile users file their own information related to the base, after which it is verified by the UIIDI system.

If the information is correct then your number will be linked to the base. To avail this facility, the customer will need to register with at least one mobile number base. If it does not, then the customer will not be able to benefit from this facility.

Apart from this, the people of the age of 70 years, the mobile number of non-Indian and Divisions will be linked to mobile companies by going to their home. The government has said in its order that the mobile number of such customers should be linked to their home. Currently, the IVR number is only working for Airtel, Idea and Vodafone. Customers of Geo, BSNL and MTNL will have to wait for it.

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