This app will make PF balance cheaper to buy, quite simple

This app will make PF balance cheaper to buy, quite simple

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Most of the employees working in the office have an EPFO ​​account. Employee’s provident fund is for economic security after its retirement. Public and private employees can avail of interest on their savings by contributing to monthly support. After several years, a large amount is deposited in the account. EPF India has created the m-EPF App to look at the risks of this amount.

How this app will work

The m-EPF app allows employees to monitor the EPF account using their UAN number. In which users can see their month savings in passbook. This mobile app can see users receiving pension pensions from EPF pensions. According to the Google Play store, this app has downloaded more than 1 million downloads.

With this, the EPFO ​​has also introduced the Loyalty-cum-Life Benefit Program. Under which the employee contributing 20 years or more is benefitted up to Rs 50000 at the time of retirement. The EPFO ​​has also launched a housing scheme along with this. Under which the mammers can make a house down payment or EMI from their own EPF.

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EPFO also said that 4.5 crore subscribers and about 54 lakh pensioners will get the payment only through electronic or digital transfer. So that the funds can be tracked and easily tracked.

EPFO will soon become PAPARLASS

Under the EPFO ​​Digit India, it will be papless by August next year. This will help improve the delivery of these services to 50 million subscribers. EPFO has started online services such as EPF, for EPF, pensions as well as for formal sector employees, as well as EPF policy. Online features will help to remove EPFO ​​from the public interface so that the possibility of corruption can be reduced.

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