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Facebook, 1 Cr users will pay 11 lakh per person

Facebook, 1 Cr users will pay 11 lakh per person

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One million Britishers will be paid 11 lakh per person for Facebook data leak. Cambridge Analyte has revealed data of more than one million British users in the disclosure of 5 million users' personal data misuse. So Facebook will have to pay the bulk of the user's misuse of data from the UK only. 
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Zuckerberg apologized today for the US Senate 

- The information about this bulk payment came out at a time when Zuckerberg apologized for data leakage against the US Senate.
- Zuckerberg will be present on Tuesday and tomorrow in the US Senate on Wednesday. In a meeting today , Mark acknowledged against the Senate members that they did not fulfill their obligations properly. 'I apologize, I am responsible for this.'
- On Monday, alert messages were posted to 87 million users in newsfeeds. In this post a worldwide alert was issued regarding users who have been suspected of using Data Cambridge Analytics. Of which only 1.1 million people are mentioned in the UK.
Deputy prosecutor said, people can complain

- Deputy resolution lawyer Jonathan Comtt said that the users who have misused the data can complain in the Information Commissioner's office.
Apart from this, they can file a complaint in their civil court and ask for compensation from Facebook.
- Jonathan Compton is also a partner of DMH Stallard. They said that the compensation amount could be from 9.19 lakh to 11 lakh. After verification of the data of the users and the extent to which they have been misused, it will be decided.

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