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These companies are giving chances to become a millionaire

These companies are giving chances to become a millionaire

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Make this way millionaires
If you run a little bit wider, you will be able to run millions of rupees in front of you. It is said that other companies, including technology giant Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, are claiming security but constantly threaten the hackers. For this, these companies offer millions of rupees to lovers in their product, which is the person who searches for bugs in the language of IT. Let’s know how many companies offer a few bucks.

2/11 Microsoft offers 1.66 million

World-wide computer maker and tech giant company has a program called Bug Bouti since 2014. Under which Microsoft’s online services search for very serious bugs gives a big reward. In this way youCan get prize of up to 1.6 crores. To learn more about this program of Microsoft click on the link below …

3/11 Apple gives its own error detector 1.2 million

Apple is often considered to be the world’s safest and most foolproof technology company. Nevertheless, the company’s product in an insulated castle of Cecci is often found in bugs. Apple also has a bug-like program like Microsoft’s Bug Bounty Program.Although it is not open for all, only developers can participate in this program. They get 1.2 crore rupees in search of a bug. To know more go to this link …

4/1 tech giant Google will make millionaires

Google prizes a bugger in all its services. In the year 2017 alone, Google has spent Rs. 19.52 crores on giving prizes to those who are looking for different types of bugs.Looking at the spread of Google, you can also find success in finding bugs with a lot of hard work. Try it! Find out how Google’s buggy program … ..

5/11 Facebook has given bugrers Rs. 5.17 crore to 2017
If you are a great deal of social networking then try this too. The world’s largest social networking network, Facebook offers a big reward for anyone looking for a security scam in their product. As a prize money, the company has spent a total of $ 8,00,000 ($ 5.17 crore) in 2017. You will be surprised to know that Indians are the most searched for a bug or a security problem in Facebook. No excess limit is shown yet for Facebook’s prize money. To know more ….

6/1 Samsung also offers these people a big reward

The Samsung mobile phone division of Electronics has a very exciting rewards program. For those who can find a bug in the company’s mobile and tablet, the company gives about 12 million rupees as a reward. But there are some dire conditions to be selected as the beneficiary of the prize under the company’s Bug Bounty Program. Click to know more ….

7/1 Intel also has such an offer

After victimizing Specter Malware, technology company Intel has given more area to its buggy program. As part of making shortcomings in their own product, which can not harm the malware made by hackers or their own, the company offers a reward of 12 million rupees to those bugs.

8/11 offers Twitter Rs. 12.8 lakh prize

The social media platform says that we welcome our finders who may be victims of potential back attacks from security researchers and experts around the world. So what are you thinking about now? If you also find that such weakness, you will get home millions Rupees

9/11 cab company also offers prize money

Knit cab company Uber is also a technology-based company. The company’s app has a lot of data for users.Whose security becomes the moral liability company. For this, Uber also has one such Bugs Bouti Program. The company gives a reward of 12.8 million rupees to the search provider.

10/11 Yahoo says Take the money to find the bug

If you find any weakness in the Yahoo app, the company gives you a very good amount as a reward. If a security researcher and ethical hacker shows Yahoo’s security team by detecting such a vulnerability, they decide whether you have been rewarded for a good search if yes, you are rewarded. Yahoo will find such a bug fixer. 9.5 lakhs.

For more details ……

11/11 snap chat

Known Ep Snapshot Bug Bounty Program is open for all. Yes, the condition of the company is that the bug or weakness shown to you should be morally discovered.Snap chat offers $ 1,70,000 or 1 crore prize for this.


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