Narendra Modi Today Spoke To The Beneficiaries Of The Prime Minister’s Mudra Scheme Through Namo App.

Narendra Modi Today Spoke To The Beneficiaries Of The Prime Minister’s Mudra Scheme Through Namo App.

Modi said: “We saw the license rule after Independence. The loan was met only with a big name, whose recommendation was made.

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The poor were kept out of the system. They could not be the area of ​​their work. The Mundra Yojana has saved the youth of the country from the Chungla of interest-bearing people.

The motto scheme has identified the talent of the common man. ‘ It is to be mentioned that the Prime Minister had spoken to women from across the country, benefitting from the scheme of Yajjalva yesterday.

Beneficiaries Of The Prime Minister’s Mudra Scheme
Narendra Modi said, “Mundra is a scheme in which there is more loan from the target. The happiest thing is that 12 million people have been given loans, 74 percent or 75 percent of our mothers are women. 55% of the backward class ie SC-Ashti and OBC community women have been found. The nation has seen how differently we are misleading in the name of poverty.
What are we listening to?
For thirty-thirty years, the poor have heard and listened to this.
The caravan started with banks, today many organizations have joined it. There are 110 banks, not only micro finance institutions, they are also issuing currency loans. Banks have worked to simplify the process of giving this loan.
Modi also said, I got this opportunity to interact with entrepreneurial youth and sisters. Now those people who decide on their own road instead of walking on the road. This is your important place in the prosperity and adventure of the country.
Today the entire country with me has joined the video conferencing to listen to the memories of this journey. In the past days I got the chance to talk to some of the beneficiaries of the Mundra scheme. Their stories satisfy and boast. Only then did I decide that I will talk to beneficiaries of the Mundra scheme.
PM Modi said that due to bank guarantees, the loan on low interest rates can be started by young people in their own city or village and start any employment on their own. Today, poor people in the poor are also getting currency loans. The common man can also become a businessman using currency loans.

Nadya’s nominee of the Mundra Yojana, Ganaur Thakur said that the plan changed his life.

Manjunath, the beneficiary of the Mundra scheme, said that he started his own businessby taking loan from Mundra scheme instead of government job. Now they are paying the loan on time and are also giving employment to 4 people. ”

“Decca, the heart of Assam’s beneficiaries of the Mundra scheme, said that they started their tea business with currency loans. I said, you are also like me. “” Big people are often on loan, poor people know how to live their life of paying honor. ”

Narendrabhai later said, “In the future of the country there is big contribution of entrepreneurs like you. Today loan was received 25-30 years ago but the political analysts took money from the banks. 25-30 years ago there was a lot of leniency for political benefits. We created a product of Mundra Yojana which became a big opportunity for the citizens. We rely on our youngsters. Give them a loan under the monetary plan, so they can open their own business. Find ways to market your product. This created not only self employment opportunities but people got employment opportunities

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