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CM Rupani asked every citizen of the state to download this application Khabarchhe

CM Rupani asked every citizen of the state to download this application


Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that launching 108 mobile applications with the help of technology applying instant help to emergency medical services in emergencies such as Accidental Accidents, clearly stated that this new state of Gujarat will be able to save priceless human life in 'Platinum Hour'.Vijay Rupani distributed 108 bombs ambulances to treatment of Sagarkhedu-brothers as well as new 10 108 ambulance wines along with the launch of 108 mobile app in the presence of deputy chief minister Nitin Patel.

The Chief Minister added that there are five modules in this 108 mobile application and it is integrated so that the time of communication, work or treatment of accident, trauma or other emergency can be solved. Vijay Rupani added that every citizen of the state was urged to download this 108 mobile app, that the name of the people who used to be at the time of emergency, the entire medical services are in the back of the citizens.

He also said that as four thousand hospitals of the state are interlinked with this application, the list of essential services such as government-private treatment facility, blood bank, near the place of occurrence, will be considered in the right direction by making proper decisions and making arrangements for treatment. The Chief Minister displayed the medical history of all the state's citizens and made the name of the paperless health facility by making it available in a smart phone.

The Chief Minister clearly added that in the 108 service initiated by the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the tenure of public service, this Government has expanded its plans in a comprehensive form from Holistic Approach to save every second and save the priceless life of mankind by applying time-technology and upgradation. Vijay Rupani added, 7-8 thousand people lost their life every year in the state. This number has added new dimensions to 108 services, including the use of technology.

He also gave a special role to the state government's various successful health-related experiments such as Health Services, 1962 Curation Ambulance Services, Maa Amrtam, and Health Assistance to Senior Citizens, for the treatment of health services, mungball infants, by the state government through the Dhanvantri Health Rath.

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