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If you have downloaded an app to make a banking transaction in your mobile phone, be alarmed.

The 14 apps, including SBI, ICICI, HDFC, are on your mobile!

If you have downloaded an app to make a banking transaction in your mobile phone, be alarmed.
Two new viruses in India are targeting banking apps in mobile phones. This virus can lime millions of rupees, which means your bank can empty the account altogether.
In India, the bank uses two-time user authentication. Security Experts said that these two viruses can also penetrate into two-time user authentication.
This means that they can penetrate the system and reach the bank account. This virus provides OTP to OTT so that hackers can easily transfer all the money to their own account.
The computer security firm Quick Heel has discovered this dangerous virus. The name of this virus is Android.Marcher.C and Android.Asacub.T.
This virus is using mobile users' social media activity to access the private and banking data of the user. Creating Accessible Banking Apps and Sensitive Instructions by Virus, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Skype.
The backing apps are on this virus target, which means that the virus can be screwed by penetrating into the apps of banks. There are SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank.
Apart from this, HDFc Bankve Mobile Banking Lite, Union Bank's Mobile Banking, Bank of Baroda can mitigate this virus in mPassbook and lunge consumers.
If you talk about social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, Google Chrome, Instagram, Skype, Line are also targeted at this dangerous virus, this virus can penetrate through platforms and steal user's personal information.

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