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Now you do not need to insert a SIM card in your phone, it's been a new technique

Now you do not need to insert a SIM card in your phone, it's been a new technique

Mobile users will no longer need to buy a SIM card to get a new connection.The telecom department has provided this system by publishing guidelines directing the use of embedded seam (e-SIM). According to their guidelines, when a customer wants to change their mobile service provider or to make a new connection, embedded subscriber identities module (e-SIM) will be deleted on their smartphone or device.All e-cms notifications of all services used by the customer will be updated.Currently this e-SIM technique is used by Reliance Geo and Airtel Apple Watch.

Maximum 18 SIM cards can be issued

Additionally, each mobile consumer has been allowed to use up to 18 SIM cards. The telecom department has allowed the use of 18 seams, including a machine-to-machine, with 9 seams for mobile phones only, which means that a user can be issued an additional 18 seams.

What is e-seam?

The e-Seam is called Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. This technique works through software. It is currently being used in a smart watch.But this technique will now be rolled out on the smartphone so that users can only take telecom services through the software. This will facilitate switching from one operator to another operator.

Will Increase Battery Life

Smartphone battery life will increase through e-SIM technology. The smart phone battery will work more in comparison to the physical seam in this e-seam, working through the software. Besides, users will not have to wait for 7 days to port the seam.With this technique, users can immediately change their operator.Besides this, there will be no need for a SIM card slot in the smartphone too.

Started in 2016

This technique has been started in 2016. Smartphone maker Samsung used this technique in its smartwatch Samsung Gear 2. This technique was then used in Apple Watch III. Reliance Geo and Airtel are the telecom operators using this technique in India, which are offering e-SIM access through Apple Watch.

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