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Good News Central government took a decision major relief to the drivers

The central government took a decision on wearing a helmet: a major relief to the drivers

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has recently announced the introduction of new standard rules helmets for India. These rules can improve the quality of the helmet sold in India. Local quality helmet sold on the road will be banned.

This rule in India will be applicable from January 1, 019, after which helmets companies in India will have to manufacture helmets on this standard. According to the new rules the weight of the helmet will be 1.9 kg. Which was so far 1.p per kilo. The Transport Ministry has also announced that it would be a crime to sell helmets with non-ISI standards.
Lightweight quality helmets will be banned, weighing 1.2 kilograms does not wear a helmet.
Now it is a crime to sell a helmet with a non-ISI standard.
Indians will have to use a helmet suitable for the new BIS standard.
The government's move will reduce the accidents occurring on the road as well as the duplicate helmet of local quality sold on the road.

A person who does not comply with this rule will be subjected to a heavy penalty. After applying this rule, Indians will have to use helmets that fall on the new BIS standard. People will not just be wearing ISI Marked helmets. The new guide line has been issued by the Indian Ministry of Transportation. Under which new rules have been made to test the quality of a motorcycle helmet or new standard testing has been done. According to the new rules, the helmets are also tested at different temperatures.

Also, some tests have been added to test the ability of friction so that the helmet can tolerate the friction during an accident. ISI Helmets Association Chairman Rajiv Kapoor said that the government steps will reduce the accidents occurring on the road as well as the fake helmet of local quality sold on the road will also be closed. People of India do not understand the use of helmets and play a game with their own soul. People buy cheap helmets to save money and to fulfill their formalities.

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