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How much is the petrol in the tank? This unique device will let you know in mobile

How much is the petrol in the tank? This unique device will let you know in mobile

Auto Dash: No Scam on Patrol and Diesel Pumps For this, PhD students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering have searched for a special type of device (Fuel Quantifier). It can be installed in a car or a bike tank. The noodle of the petrol-diesel pump machine, inside the device, will go into the tank. Which will soon be able to know the actual amount of diesel and petrol in the tank. The cost of making this device is only Rs 1500 to 2000 rupees. The organization is patenting this search.
Creating Device to Test Quality
IIT experts are making a device to get information about the confusion in petrol and diesel. It has been named Fuel Quantifier Advance. The device has been verified in the lab. The process of patenting it is currently underway.
This device is shaped like a cone
The device has been shaped like a cone. It can be easily tuned in the tank. Organizational experts say that the circuit can be connected to a Bluetooth device or later WiFi. A small battery is also provided in the circuit. Readings come in very little time on mobile screens. You can also apply a screen dashboard separately. Researchers say that it is also ready to launch an app for this.
Preparation of startup
IIT specialist is preparing for startup using a device. There is also a plan to open a company for this. Gargagram is in talks with a car company. The company has also made a survey of the device.
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