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​India Prime-Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme

​India Prime-Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme

India is considered to be the backbone of our country, with the employment of 52 percent of the total population of the country running through agriculture or agro-based industries. Our farming is mostly rain-fed and farmers have to bear accidental loss in agriculture due to unusual weather events such as flood, drought, cyclonic storms and agricultural production is uncertain. The Prime Minister's crop insurance scheme has been started by the government to provide protection against such losses.

Project Objectives

In a predicted non-predictable way, financial assistance is provided to the farmers with the loss or loss of crop.

Encourage farmers to adopt innovative and modern farming practices.

Credit flow can be ensured in agriculture and farmers can be protected with production risks.


Features Of The Scheme

Farmers will have to pay less premium and the burden of the remaining premium, which is 90% apart, will be filled by the government.

A premium for one season of food crops, pulses and oilseeds is to be kept.

At least the premium rate for farmers (rate) - One Crop One Premium (Kharif: Xx, Ravi: 1.5%, Annual Horticultural and Commercial crops: 5%)

Separate premium rates for districts and crops will now be exempt.

Since there is no limit on the sum insured, there will be no reduction in the claim amount.

Due to storms and monsoon rains, the risks associated with sowing are included in the plantation.

Water stressing is included in the list of local risks.

The emphasis is on using broadband and satellite technology for a quick assessment of the exact estimates and claims.

The Unit Of Insurance In The Plan

The implementation of the scheme will be based on "Area-Approach". For major crops, the unit of insurance will be village panchayat and for other crops, the unit of insurance will be decided by the state government. And this would be a higher level unit than village / village panchayat.

The Amount Of The Plan In The Plan

In the plan, the District Technical Committee will determine the size of the crop money and it will be considered as a sum insured for the crop. In addition, the provision of Sum insured limit has also been removed so that farmers can take full advantage of the insured.

Covers That Farmers

All farmers, who have been advised in the declared areas, are eligible for allocation of insurance, all the farmers, including farming through farming and marginal farmers. Farmers who have not been borrowed have given land related proofs (POR) certificates, land certificates (LPCs) etc., or documents related to the approved consent agreement declared by the respective state government, other documents (farming or partaking by partnering Farmers will have to present).

Farmers who have been financed under the Seasonal Agricultural Program for the proposed crop from financial institutions, will be included in this scheme in a compulsory manner. It is not mandatory for the farmers who have not been financed in the scheme

Risks covered and excluded under the scheme

Extreme risk insurance will be provided to provide protection to the loss of yield due to fire, lightning, hurricanes, crumbling, cyclone, stormy floods, floods, floods, landslides, droughts, weather, crop diseases and pests.

On the basis of protective sowing, if the insured farmer is protected from sowing, planting due to the weather, they will get the claim of the sum insured, even after spending on sowing / planting.

After harvest, the affected crops will be included in crop rotation, seasoning, cyclone risk for maximum two weeks and the claims will be assessed and paid accordingly.

General Exclusion: The risks of war and molecular risks, damage done to the evil mind, and other preventable risks are excluded.

Information On Crop Insurance Portal

The Government of India has recently established crop portal for the purpose of maintaining transparency in the organized administration, coordination between all stakeholders, information farmers, states, insurance companies and banks. Criminal Insurance Program and its execution at its various stages, various data and entries for data entry and role and responsibilities etc. have been shown. Details of basic information such as declared areas, crops, insured amount, government subsidies, farmers paying premiums, names of insurance companies operating in that insurance unit etc. are digitally placed on the website portal. So farmers and other stakeholders are interested in Internet and SMS. (S.M.S.). Apart from this, Enrood based 'crop insurance app' has also been started to ensure better management of farmers for the purpose of obtaining information.

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