What to watch when forwarding a message so that you can stay away from police lapses

What to watch when forwarding a message so that you can stay away from police lapses

WhatsApp's guideslines: Government and companies are serious about preventing rumors spreading through false media, photos and videos through social media. Social media companies are also taking steps to curb the rumors spread over WhatsApp and Facebook. WhatsApp has released new guidelines to prevent forwarding news and rumors.

Whatsapp Announced Guidelines
1. The message has been forwarded For the first time,
WhatsApp has launched a new feature through which the user can know which message has been forwarded. If you do not know who wrote the message then check the facts again.

2. If you
do not believe in reading the message and do not believe it, it is often wrong to read a message that does not believe in a check message. So if there is such a message then check around in the surroundings that it is true or false.

3. Do not forward the
message of annoyance. If you read anything in a message that makes you feel angry or afraid, try to know that the purpose of the message is not to create special feelings in you. If the answer is 'yes', then never forward such a message to others.

4. Avoid a message that seems a little different.
Most of the messages that have faked news or rumors have language or grammatical errors. Identify these hidden things in the message so you can estimate whether the message you received is correct or not.

5. Watch the
photos People usually believe in photos and videos instantly, but you may have photo and video edited to mislead you. Often the photo is correct but the news or story related to it is false. So by going online, check out where the photo came from.

6. Use
news sites or news apps to check other news sites or apps to verify the authenticity of the event. If the event is true then it is possible that there will be news about it at other places. When you get to read on a different news site about the same event, the likelihood of that event is true.

7. You can control what you want to see, you
can block any number on WhatsApp or leave any group. To keep your WhatsApp Experiences in their control, use these features such as WhatsApp.

8. Check the link
It often appears that the link provided in the message is from a well-known website, but if there is a bug or a strange character in that link, then it may be possible that the link is definitely incorrect.

Communicate Forwarding Forward If you do not know what the source of the message you are receiving, then it is possible that the information provided in the message may be false. So do not forward such a message to others.

10. Fake News spreads quickly to people.
Keep in mind that you have received the message many times. Frequently visiting a message does not mean that the message or news is true.

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