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Happy News For Parents: FRC Gave Private Schools A Big Blow

Happy News For Parents: FRC Gave Private Schools A Big Blow

In the state, the minds of schools that collect huge fees will not run anymore. In private schools, a large fee was collected from parents in the name of perfume activity, but now the private school administrators can not run their own rules. Because private school administrators got a big blow from the State Government and the Fee Regulatory Committee (FRC). The state government has also asked all private schools to take the fees of the perquisite activity determined by the FRC and to keep an alternate activity optional.

The matter of the FRC reached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, while hearing the matter, had directed the state government to prepare a list of the perpetrator's activities by the FRC committee created by the state's interest and inform all the activities mentioned in this list to be made public.

In this matter, the state government included 10 extra-duty activities to be done in the school and all the schools in the state were ordered to take these 10 activities according to FRC.

It is noteworthy that the private schools were reimbursed for the purpose of swimming, dance, riding, transport, and food such as perfumes from parents by parents. But due to the state government's order, these activities have to be made an alternate. Due to the state government's order, the loot of the fees in the school will be closed and the parents will get relief from paying a large fee.

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