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If this message comes to your phone then be aware of it Khabarchhe

If this message comes to your phone then be aware of it

The country's Cybercrime Security Agency (CERT) has made an outrageous disclosure. Cyber ​​crime counsels people to warn of bogus messages to return refund in the name of IT department. IT department has warned everyone on filing income tax returns that if anybody receives a message to return their IT returns, it should not be given any confidential information, so be aware that this information can be taken for criminal activity.

According to CERT, for some time since then, there has been a fax message on social media. People are being cheated with a laxity and cheating message. Recently, people have been found to be cheating people in the name of IT refund.

The finance ministry said in a statement that after considering all the things Central Board of Directors, the last date for filing income tax return for taxpayers was extended to 31 August 2018 instead of July 31.

The Indian Emergency Season team and the National Nodal Agency for Responding Computer Security said that there is no single person who is not a fraud, but his whole dog is using the IT department records to send back brochures to the returning people, who have filed an IT return before the date. Have them make the same as they make a bogus message.

According to the IT department, the mob's mobility is also very strong. They know all the activities of IT returning providers, when they know what and when some returns have been filled back by which they spread the bogus message to return the return and after this message they get the bank account number i passwakh People cheat with people.

People have been advised to be vigilant by the department of Income Tax and Cyber ​​Crime, as stated by them, warn of the message of the IT department in mobile or email and do not click on any link provided in the SMS and if you do so please do not give any information of your account or the account.

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