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Never lose a phone that has fallen into the water, follow these tips

Never lose a phone that has fallen into the water, follow these tips

If your smartphone has fallen into the water then you do not need to worry. Sometimes some smart phones of some people fall into the water, then you get into tension. So today we have come up with some tips to help you save your smartphone from getting worse.
- After the smartphone falls into the water, first switch it off. So the possibility of short circuits can be ended.
- Remove the memory card, SIM card and battery so that water does not affect the circuit inside.
- If your smartphone is a non-removable battery then Switching is also the only option.

- It is very necessary to dry the parts of the smartphone and you can use your towel or soft cloth for it.
- Do not let any fluid fall on a smartphone. Because of this, the suspicion of the phone becomes a dilemma.
If the phone is getting more water then you can also use a vacuum blower to dry it. But be aware that out of the memory card, sim card.
- If the smart phone is completely dry, turn it on to see if every function is perfect or not. If the phone is not on, keep it in charging. If it is not charged, then understand that its battery is getting worse.

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