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The government has finally issued the rules related to the ATM

The government has finally issued the rules related to the ATM. It has been said that in urban areas at night no cash in ATM is not filled at 9 pm and in single cash van no more than Rs. 5 crores in single trip. Apart from this, training will be provided to attack staffed on cash van, to pursue criminal vehicles and to meet other risks.

In the order issued by the Home Ministry, it has been said that they will have to carry out their verification for checking the background of all the workers connected with cash transactions. It has been said in the rules that cash will not be filled in ATMs in rural areas after 6pm and the cash will be collected from the bank at the beginning of the day or early in the day to load in an ATM.

all cash van will be equipped with a GSM-based auto dialer with a security alarm and motorized synon. SIT MD Rituraj Singh said that this rule is a rule that would change the industry in a certain way

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