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PM Modi will soon get special scheme from the people of the country

PM Modi will soon get special scheme from the people of the country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government will soon get a special scheme for the people of the country. The Modi government is trying to move towards Cashless Economy. This is because the government is constantly making new efforts to promote digital transactions.

Recently the government has upgraded its UPI application. On the other hand, the central government is now working on one step ahead of the One Nation One Card system. One nation, one card will be a system in which the complete pattern of transaction will change.

Use same as normal debit card

One card will be issued to customers under the One Nation One Card Scheme. This card can be used just like a normal debit card. Let you know that there will be many unique features in the card, which will make digital payment easier. Not only this, the special thing is that through this you will be able to make a digital payment even offline.

Many of the work related to transaction can be easily done

The National Common Mobility Card NCMC card will be one of the cards, which will enable you to easily do many things related to money transactions. By this you can do many things till you can pay rent and buy granaries.

Expected to arrive in the next 4 months

Amitabh Kant, CEO of Policy Commission, said that during payment program 'Move', it was informed that all the works of bank and technology have been completed. Perhaps in the next three-four months, the final test of One Nation One Card will be done. After that it can be launched.

It is possible to use all types of public transport services through a smart card in the country. With this card, railways, metro and buses can travel anywhere in the country. He said that this card will be used only in these public transport instruments.

Get rid of the hassle of frequent tickets

With this card you can travel anywhere but not just in the country. Besides, it can also be used as a debit and credit card. This will not only make it easy to pay for you. But you can get rid of the hassle of getting tickets for travel anywhere in the country.

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