Now whatsapp group can do 'private chat', use this new feature

Now whatsapp group can do 'private chat', use this new feature

whatsapp group use this new feature:

WhatsApp has created a new messaging option called ReplyPrivately.It’s built for group conversations and, as its name suggests, allows you to respond to messages privately, without anyone but the person you’re messaging being able to see what you’ve typed.

It’s more of a shortcut than a completely new feature, but should still prove useful, especially for group chats in which you don't know all of the other members.The Reply Privately option, which will only be an option inside group chats, will live inside the menu bubble that pops up when you tap and hold a message, wabetainforeports.

When you select Reply Privately, whatsapp will automatically launch a one-on-one chat with the person whose message you want to reply to when you send your reply, their message from the group chat will appear as a quote. It’s a convenient option, which could save you from potential embarrassment if you’re uncomfortable with sharing certain things with an entire group. WhatsApp has also developed picture-in-picture mode for videos sent through WhatsApp. Picture-in-picture mode lets you play videos directly inside the messaging app, in a floating window you can move and resize.

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