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These 5 government loan schemes are very important for the all unemployed youth GSTV

These 5 government loan schemes are very important for the all unemployed youth

Unemployment is the biggest problem in the country. The government is also pushing for a compromise. On one hand, youths are facing unemployment because of India’s growing population and low jobs in front of them. But this disappointment has brought enthusiasm to the government’s plan for them. If you do not know, you can take a loan with this plan.

Prime Minister’s Employment Plan

This scheme provides loans to unemployed people from the government. That’s why unemployed youngsters can start their own start up. This loan is given to those who have studied up to standard eight. After that they are given assistance of 5 rupees from Government. To get the loan, a person must be age of 18-35 years.

Loan Subsidy Scheme

This scheme is not available in all states. The Tamil Nadu government gives 25 percent loan to the unemployed youth under the Nifty Plan. So that the government provides subsidies to the graduates of the government based on NEEDS scheme.

Cash loan

NEED scheme is not available to all the states, only this government scheme is available in West Bengal. This scheme has been given to unemployed youth to start a new business. An unemployed person can apply for a loan of Rs 50,000. For which the unemployed youth must be 18-45 years of age.

Agricultural loans

This loan is given to people who are unemployed in the field of agriculture. For this unemployed person should not be 22 years or more. The unemployed young person who is graduate can apply for this loan scheme.

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