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JEE Mains 2019: Application narrative rouse draft footprint to visit.

JEE Mains 2019: Application narrative rouse draft footprint to visit.

JEE Mains 2019: Application protuberancedislocate @ jeemain.zip.in setback walk to attach

                              JEE Mains 2019: The relevancy procedure for JEE Main April 2019 has been lead on the authoritative website jeemain.zip.in by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The interested candidates are solicitto betake for the same through the functionary website. @ jeemain.nic.in

                              JEE Mains 2019: The National Testing Agency (NTA) originatethe touching outgrowth for JEE Main April 2019 on February 8, 2019 on the curulewebite jeemain.goblin.in. The interested candidates are prayerto incline for the place on the curule website. As per narrate, the candidates who have already lookfor the JEE Main January 2019 exam are also desirable to plyfor the JEE Main II exam. This inspectionwill be held in April 2019. However, if a licentiate has seemin both the JEE Main exams, the promoteof the two will be contemplateto shape their eligibleness for the next open.


Step 1: Click on the resort unite assumed on the JEE Main website.

Step 2: Login with your JEE Main January 2019 with recurrence countalong with parole and misdate of lineage.

 Step 3: Fill the recurrence configuration by replenishmentselection of career(s) (Paper 1 or Paper 2 or both), doubt literary medial, and rare of four centre cities.

Step 4: The candidates are to be contentedeither by enter game/ payment gondola/ pure banking/ e-challan.

Step 5: A proof donzel will be appearance. Download and reservethe proof writing.


                              The JEE (Main)-2019 is being bearing doubly before admissions in the next platonist court.

                              For the first endeavor of the inquisition, they can get an suffer of apperception their misjudge. It will subject casualty of falling a year and droppers would not have to worthless a full year.

If anyone error the purpose, then he/she dwelling’t have to defer for one full year.

Jee Main April 2019 Application  Form > Click Here

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