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One more blast of Jio: starting this tremendous service, even if you do not have the SIM of Jio

One more blast of Jio: starting this tremendous service, even if you do not have the SIM of Jio

Reliance Geo launches new browser app for Android users. The name of the Jio Browser App is kept. If you are thinking about how this app is different from other apps and how it works, then let us know.

This app has been launched for Android users, the special thing is that Geo has no connection to using it. That means that any Android users can use this app.

According to Reliance Geo, Jio Browser is an Indian browser designed to look at Indian users. It includes Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali language support. Users can easily switch language by going to the settings.

The size of the Jio Browser app is only 4.8MB. Users will get news of politics, entertainment, sports and technology on their home page when opening the app. In addition to this, a dedicated video section has been given for news updates in its browser.

The browser also has a feature of private browsing, so users can also use it in incognito mode. Like other browsers, users will have the option to bookmark a page in Jio Browser and share links via social media.

You will also get voice input support in this browser. That means you can do anything by searching the voice command. You can also select text size as well.

This browser has been rolled out for Android users and there is no information available for iOS yet.


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