To Change Whatsapp Settings In Gujarati

To Change Whatsapp Settings In Gujarati
WhatsApp is the world's most populated messaging app. Indians also use WhatsApp in millions of crores. However, many users prefer to use WhatsApp in their own language.
Do you also want to use WhatsApp in Gujarati or Hindi? If your answer is yes, then we will tell you about settings that you can use in your own language as well.

Replace the language of WhatsApp in Android smartphones like this:
Open WhatsApp 3 dots will appear on the right side of the screen, click on it. On the Settings page you will see a Chats option. Click on it. You will see App Language at the top of the chats. Click on it. A pop-up window will open just after clicking on App language. Here you will see many languages ​​including Gujarati, Hindi. From here you can select your preferred language. If you want to change language again then follow these steps again.
Although the above settings are for Android Smartphone users of India (Country Code + 91) and Bangladesh (Country Code +880) only.
To change the language of WhatsApp in the iPhone:
Go to phone settings> click on General> click on Language & Region> iPhone Language> Select the language to choose from.

When Android users other than India and Bangladesh will be..
going to settings first,
then click on languages ​​& input
click on languages
click on the language to select and hold it to the top and hold it to the top.

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