2007 ni bharti vala karmchario ne nokri salang ganta ketlo pagar thay teni official pagar bandhani

2007 ni bharti vala karmchario ne nokri salang ganta ketlo pagar thay teni official pagar bandhani

What are the Key Features of Lifeline Product?
Which all Plans are available under Lifeline?
What is International Treatment for 11 critical illnesses in Lifeline?
What is Worldwide Emergency Hospitalization benefit in Lifeline?
What is Organ Donor expenses? What is the sublimit in Lifeline for organ donor?
Please explain the Reload benefit in Lifeline? Is it same as Restore benefit of Apollo and Recharge benefit of Religare?
Is Annual health check up available in Lifeline? If Yes, what all test are covered?
What is the difference between Pre-existing waiting periods & Initial waiting periods?
Does Lifeline price remain same throughout India?
What is Hospital cash benefit in Lifeline? Is it optional or compulsory?
If initially customer opted for two years policy, can he/she extend the same for the third year?
What is the Top Up option in Lifeline? is it Per claim or annual aggregate? what is the difference between 2 types?
What are the modes of premium payment?
What is 2nd opinion in Critical illness in Lifeline? Can I consult any doctor of my choice and tell RS to cover these expenses for second opinion?
What are the Medical tests / health criterion in Lifeline?
What is Doctor on Chat in Lifeline? If I have high fever, can I contact your Doctor on Chat?
For Doctor on Chat is it necessary to have internet connection? I don`t have internet at home so can I chat with your doctors on Phone?
Can I buy 2 yr or 3 yr policy in Lifeline? Will I not be a looser for such policies as I will block my money for 2/3 Yrs?
If I have a National Insurance policy from a Bank for the last 4 yrs, will you Port me in Lifeline?
I am already having royal sundaram policy of 2 lakhs sum insured but its a old policy for the last 5 yrs, if I have to buy Lifeline can I buy additionally or can I port from existing RS policy?

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