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Cautionary sharing of personal stories on social media,

Cautionary sharing of personal stories on social media

Do you know your profile is being sold in the black world of the World Wide Web? The special thing is that companies and market researchers are also buying this data, not just hackers or tricks. Do you have an estimate of what this data will cost? Just 140 rupees per day in which your very own personal and important data is being sold.

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This world called 'Dark Web' can not be accessed by regular browsers. Only torque and open source software that permits anonymous communication. Dark Web can be accessed through them. These hidden hackers of the internet give information about the user. Including information such as passwords, telephone numbers, and email IDs.

Experts say that cyber attackers used to track the consumer behavior of the data receivers. Who is seeking free access to the video streaming sites you have paid. The concern is that such data is bought by companies who want to know their competitors Consumer Base. These companies want to track sensitive and cruel data-keeping anti-main executives.

A group of hackers that leak data with an encrypted password, the other group decrypts it. Rajasekhar Raja, an independent cybercrity researcher, has said that now the third group is making a list of these encrypted passwords and storing it on the central server. This data is bred and hackers use it as its common source.

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