If the message you send to WhatsApp changes, there is a serious reason

If the message you send to WhatsApp changes, there is a serious reason

Researchers say that hackers can hack Whatsapp private and group chat and if anyone sends private message during group chat, hackers make it visible to the group.

For the past few months Whatsapp has been in the discussion for some reason for some. Now, again, retailers have made a big scam claiming instant messaging service Whatsapp. Well-known Israeli security company Check Point said at a Annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday that hacking Whatsapp messages can change not only the message but the sender's identity. This is not the first time Whatsapp has reported such a flaw. Last year, concerns were raised about the problem. This has increased the concern of users all over the world.

What is the whole matter?
Researchers say hackers can hack private and group chats. And if anyone sends a private chat during the group then the hackers make it visible to the group. Researchers have tried to pinpoint WhatsApp errors by a tool. Using this tool explains how hackers can hack private and group chats. In addition to changing the identity of these users through WhatsApp's 'quote' function, you can also completely change the message sent. It may also show a member who is never part of the group. Researchers have tried to release videos by explaining how users can change chat.

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Did you know last year it was a defect?
In fact, Whatsapp's fault was reported at the end of last year, 2018, but no steps were taken by the company to fix it. However, the report states that the scam in Whatsapp's group and private chat has been fixed, in which the private message was visible to all group members. But the remaining two defects are yet to be fixed. Researchers on Facebook clarified that because of the limited infrastructure Whatsapp has yet to fix the remaining two defects.

Hackers can now replace whatsapp messages as well as online scams. Whatsapp has not yet provided an official statement for this. However, in response to last year's checkpoint report, he denied any such disruption to the app.
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