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For this reason the veins are blocked, when these symptoms appear, treat them immediately

For this reason the veins are blocked, when these symptoms appear, treat them immediately

A vein block is a disease that does not cause blood flow properly. Anyone can have problems with a vein obstruction. There is a lot of pain due to obstruction of the veins and where the nerves are blocked, that part becomes blue.
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According to one research, vein obstruction problems are more common in Indian youths and about 40-60% of Indian youths suffer from obstructive disease. This problem is most common in women and most women have the disease only after pregnancy. According to research, about 20 percent of women suffer from this problem.

There are several abstract reasons behind the vein block, which are as follows.

1. Blood concentration is considered to be the main cause of vein obstruction. The blood does not flow properly due to congestion and the veins are blocked.

2. Injury also causes obstruction.

3. Poor blood circulation in the body is also a cause of obstruction in the veins.

4. People who eat more fried and outdoors also block the nerves. The veins are easily subjected to obstruction due to lack of physical activity by sitting in one place.

6. Overweight people have a higher risk of nerve blockage.

7. Many people get blocked due to lack of nutrients in the body

Symptoms of Vein Block

These symptoms occur when a vein is obstructed.
Blue veins.The part where the century is blocked feels heavy.
Muscle cramps.Swelling and extreme pain in the lower leg.
Itching around the veins
Save your life this way

1. Take special care to prevent vein obstruction. Follow a good lifestyle. This disease does not result from adopting a good lifestyle. People who

2. People who eat a good diet have a lower risk of developing the disease. Indeed, eating good food does not lead to obesity and obstructs the veins.

3. People who don’t exercise. Their blood starts to thicken and the nerves get blocked. Vein obstruction causes pain and swelling. So exercise daily. Exercise causes the blood to flow properly in the body.

Take care of these things
  • If you notice any obstruction in the veins, see a doctor immediately.
  • Because of the delay can take the disease seriously. Avoid fried and greasy foods when the veins are obstructed.
  • Because eating this kind of food causes blood to thicken. People suffering from this disease should only consume boiled vegetables and lentils.
For this reason the veins are blocked, when these symptoms appear, treat them immediately
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