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New feature for WhatsApp users

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WhatsApp Dark Mode has finally introduced such a feature for its users, which has been waiting for years. WhatsApp has rolled out the Dark Mode feature for both Android and iOS users. While giving information on his blog page, WhatsApp wrote: 'We are pleased to report that WhatsApp has come up with a dark mode feature for its users. Many users have been demanding this feature for a long time.

It was further stated that this new feature is designed in such a way that if you use the phone in low light, the eyes of the users will not be seen.

Hopefully when you turn the phone on, the light will shine through the room as it will relieve users of the situation. In designing the Dark Mode feature, I specifically researched and experimented on two things.

The focus of WhatsApp when choosing color was that the eyes should have the least emphasis. What will be the default color of WhatsApp, iPhone and Android systems?

WhatsApp said that it wants users to pay attention to every screen in the app. So colors and a few different designs were used in the application so that the required information could appear.

Users using Android 10 and iOS 13 can turn on Dark Mode by going to System settings. Android 9 or more users can turn on this feature by going to WhatsApp Settings> Chat> Themes and selecting 'Dark Mode'. "In the next few days, this feature will be available in the new version of WhatsApp," said WhatsApp. It was also said that WhatsApp hopes that all users will enjoy 'Dark Mode'.

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