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Standard 3 To 9 Homework | Week -2 | Education Department

Standard 3 To 9 Homework | Week -2 | Education Department - Dreams are a buzzword. Sometimes dreams can be very hands-on. Occasionally, the dream of a very hands-on dream can slip out of our hands in a way we do not understand. The building of happiness and success stands in front of us. When the building suddenly collapses, the vortex of distress subsides. What happens to us, what was thought and what happened? At some point, frustration comes, that I can't do anything anymore. Man blames fate when hard work does not bring color. Turns out the circumstances,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

This is a story of a young man. He had to go to medical. Worked hard to study. All the people used to say that no one can work as hard as you. Exam given. Marks did not arrive when the result was released. Medical admission was not available. When it happened, everything was finished. In life there is nothing left but darkness. He approached a saint. The water reverberated above all I did, said the saint. A farmer living in the field opposite the saint pointed his finger at the couple and said, "Look at those two. Last year, the two sowed their fields. There was good rainfall after sowing. Both were happy that this year would be a major crop. The dream of marrying a daughter from a good income was something to keep an eye on. As it happened, the river was flooded. The whole farm was submerged in water. Since they couldn't stay in the field, they came to my cottage. I asked, does it hurt so much? That said, the water turned back on virtually all the hard work. Speaking of misery, if there is suffering, then there is. Should be done. The notion of happiness is incomplete. However, this happens. It keeps happening. This is not the first time anything like this has happened. Let's think again. The couple fell asleep on the ground at night.

Speaking to the young man, he said, "Why don't you accept failure and why do you think this failure is the last?" Remember one thing, failure is not about our hands, but frustration is a matter of our hands. You have to decide if an exam can fail you, whether you feel frustrated or not. It is true that the water returns to your labor, but why do you sit in the water? Failure to quench failure is like sticking to water. The longer you stick to failure, the longer it will take to overthrow, the more it will suffer. Going down the road and when diversion comes you think that this diversion is never going to end. There is no end to diversion!

Not every dream of life comes true. Failure is achieved even if you try hard and hard. A young man wanted to be a musician. He studied music with the approval of his father. Worked very hard After completing my music studies, there was no chance. Many blows, but nowhere. Got frustrated The father looked at his son's condition one day and asked, "What is going on?" The son said, he doesn't care. You trusted me and I couldn't do anything! The father laughed and said, my trust is still intact. Your trust is broken. Father spoke of himself. Dad was a manager at a bank. Had a good salary. The house was going great. Father said, Do you have dreams of my life come true? You know, I wanted to be an IAS. I worked night and day. I couldn't clear the IAS Exam. I tried my best, but did not succeed. I thought, am I not the only one with whom this happened? I gave the bank exams for the job. IAS worked hard, so the bank's exams seemed a lot easier. I already passed the blast. All I was saying was, "You're lucky you got a job in the bank." I became a clerk with a desire to be a collector. However, after that I became a manager, giving the bank exams. Still working hard to become my Regional Manager. Now think, if IAS was frustrated by the failure?

Speaking of you, you are depressed very quickly. Where is everything yet? Secondly, you have learned music to succeed. Not to Enjoy! Why connect your Hunner with success? Connect with your happiness, your happiness and your joy! Where can you get lost while playing music? You are lost in you, the searcher will find you! Music should bring happiness. I did not allow you to study music, so that you would become a great musician. I said yes, that you may enjoy your work. Enjoy what you do. Life looks like living you Forget success or failure while playing music, the cows in the village take the flute with the herdsmen. Playing flute in the yard. No one is audible. It doesn't even play to hear anyone. He does it for his own fun. If your music doesn't make you fun, where else should you come from?

In this age, everybody wants to be a celebrity. Want heaps of likes on social media. FOLLOWERS 'figure is considered FEM. People dream of getting away to take selfies with them. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. The question is, what does that give you? Are you satisfied with whatever you name? Are you happy with that? Our problem is that we are not enjoying what we want, we want more than others. Likes are not the critter of popularity. Everyone wants recognition. The place you want to reach. Work for it, everything else will come with it. No need to pop a village to be populous, just an angle

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