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Factcheck: Fact of Lockdown Viral News In Gujarat

Factcheck: Fact of Lockdown Viral  News In Gujarat - May Lock down come Again due To increase So Many Case in gujarat

Corona's condition is currently becoming explosive during the unlock phase in the state. Corona cases in Gujarat are moving at a rocket speed. The number of daily cases registered in the state has now crossed 800. A further 875 cases of corona were reported in the state yesterday. At that time, with the growing corona crisis in Gujarat, there was speculation that the state might once again face a lockdown. But the government has called this a rumor.

Speculation that there could be another lockdown in Gujarat
The state government clarified about the lockdown in Gujarat
Again, the government called the lockdown a rumor

There were rumors that a lockdown could be imposed again in Gujarat and the state government is also seriously considering this. But this has been clarified by the state government. The government has said that the talk of another lockdown in the state is just a rumor.

Importantly, it was reported that the Chief Secretary had held a meeting with 19 collectors today regarding the lockdown. But this news is different from the truth. The state government clarified this.

Corona cases are increasing day by day in the state. With the exception of Ahmedabad, cases are on the rise in Gujarat. Decisions can be made because of the growing corona in the small town and district. Corona has exploded in Surat, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Rajkot. The total number of corona cases in the state has reached 40 thousand 155. While the total number of deaths has reached 2 thousand 24 and the total number of discharges has reached 28 thousand 183. The number of active cases in the state is also on the rise due to the newly registered cases. At present the total number of active cases in the state is 9 thousand 948. Out of which 68 patients are on ventilator while 9 thousand 880 patients are stable.

Currently, black corona is seen in Gujarat. And now over 800 cases of corona are being registered daily in the state. The message that the government will implement lockdown again in the near future is going viral. However, as soon as the message went viral, the government took action. And the matter was clarified by the Chief Secretary of State.

The Chief Secretary was contacted on the matter by message. In a telephonic conversation with the message,

the chief secretary of state said there was no possibility of another lockdown in the state. The High Power Committee met at the CM’s residence yesterday. And the current situation of the state was discussed in this meeting.
Sandesh News Report.
VTV News Report.
Rumors that the government is preparing to take even tougher action have gone viral as corona cases are on the rise in the state. In addition, the Chief Secretary held a meeting with the collectors of 19 districts affected by the Corona. The meeting discussed post-unlock operations along with social distinguishing and masking by citizens, as well as a serious discussion on whether there should be a partial lockdown in the area where the corona grows.

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