Health Tips: Follow these 5 rules of Ayurveda to lose weight and boost immunity

Health Tips: Follow these 5 rules of Ayurveda to lose weight and boost immunity – We make many efforts to stay healthy. Here are some tips for yoga, exercise, morning walks and dieting that most people follow. But did you know that there are many things written in Ayurveda about eating which not only strengthens your immune system, but also controls your weight. Come, find out what those rules of Ayurveda are.Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.

1. Eat vegetables boiled or half boiled: 
If you eat vegetables that are fully cooked or overcooked then make sure you overcook doing so will reduce its nutrients. But even if you cook them less it can harm your health. When cooking, keep in mind that you should not overcook the vegetables or keep them raw.

2. Use fried raw spices: To boost immunity, fry khada masala on a frying pan and take it pc. Especially in winter or rainy season you can eat fried ginger on a frying pan.

3. Do not use flour by sifting: Wheat contains fiber. But most of its fiber is in the brown part. So whenever you use flour, keep in mind to use it without stirring. This flour is considered good for health.

4. Eating cold food impairs digestion: Avoid eating cold food. It can affect your digestion. With this in mind, never eat on a full stomach. According to Ayurveda, food is easily digested by not eating enough.

5. Eat less sweets: According to Ayurveda, sweet foods should be eaten sparingly. You can use honey or jaggery as a sweetener. This can save you from diseases like diabetes.
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