The ‘Ma Card’ income can be found even without proof of rationing

The ‘Ma Card’ income can be found even without proof of rationing

Sahe 2 mi BJP president Kamlesh 2 animal, Secretary Devang Mankad, Jitu Table 2 deviates, Kisho 2 2 athode c 2 VATSALYA benefit income and asirvadasamana Amirtham (the card) to ibo and 2 esaningana m 2 ava Class 2 need 2 iyatone found sakvana 2 ajayani dynamic, decisive,For Latest Updates Jobs, Study Materials and General Information Updates. stay with us Please share with your frds this Post Thanks.

progressive and responsive Q 2 of 2 from the Chief Vijaybhai Rupani led Speaking to the BJP's decision of the state, the Chief Minister said that the Chief Minister Mrtama (the card) and c 2 VATSALYA benefit in ibi members of 2 families living under ekha and wa y 2 2 2 2 of the bit line 2 is given. From the hospital as well as from the private hospital, Rs. The limit of up to five lakhs is given free of cost, so the benefit of the scheme will be available to the needy even without the provision of income and income from now on. The potential benefits of the scheme will be extended to orphans, the elderly, widows, monks, saints, and psychic people. So that the card holder is being provided free of cost for a maximum of 3 insurance coverage for more than 3 insurers, thereby earning their annual income of Rs. I had to pay a deposit of 5 lakhs or less and give the card of the card. Now Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani has shown a humane approach to monks, saints, orphans, the elderly, widows who are incapable of providing income or tuition. The historic decision has been made. The city of sensational decision has been welcomed by BJP President Kamlesh Midani, General Minister Dwang Mankad, Jitu Kotha, Kishore 1900.

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