Do not know if your phone is being tracked by this simple trick

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As easy as using the Android smartphone, the question remains as well as its security. How much people keep their smartphone safely but hackers are able to overcome them. Often, users are not aware of the fact that their phones are being tracked or their calls are being forwarded somewhere. Today, we are going to give you information about some of the codes that you can easily find out if someone is tracking your phone or not. The special thing is that you do not have to download any app for it.

## 4636 ##
First of all you have to go to the dialpad of the smartphone. Dial up ## 4636 ## in the dialpad. Many dials will appear on your mobile screen as soon as you dial. With that you can get information on the phone's battery, Wi-Fi connection test, model number and rhonon, as well as many information related to your phone. Also, you can get information about what apps have been opened in your phone in your absence by accessing information information. Also, how much time has been opened?

* # 21 #
If you want to know that the message or call from your phone is not being tracked from any other number. Or your message and call to another number are not being forwarded. Or if your message and call are not forwarded to any other number, then you can get this code dialed by dialing this code.

* # 62 #
With this code you can get the information that your smartphone is not redirected to another number.

## 002 #
If you are tracking someone on your mobile phone, you can prevent all call forwarding from dialing ## 002 #. Calling this number will call your phone's call forwarding detection. With these four codes you can easily prevent your phone from tracking and leaking your personal information.__Source

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