Make Free Calls to India with Indycall

Make Free Calls to India with Indycall: Indycall is an exceptional free calling app for calling numbers with an India country code (e.g. +91).
Developed by Promophone, Indycall lets users call any phone in India for free while enjoying excellent call quality and without having to worry about spending money on fees.

Features: Indycall primarily features the ability to call any phone in India for free over an active internet connection. Indycall is unique in that it doesn’t have any option to buy credits or require payment of any sort.

Indycall stands out from the other Wi-Fi free calling apps (e.g. Skype, Viber, etc.), by letting users call any phone number in India instead of just calling other users who also have the app.

Indycall does have a time limit for each call, and users will see the maximum duration permitted for the call next to the phone number they are dialing. This may deter those who enjoy chatting for extended periods of time, but there is no limit to the amount of times a call can be made to a number. Users can continue to call back if their time expires.

To call numbers in Indycall, users need to dial a “+” sign or “00”, followed by the country code and phone number.

Indycall doesn’t require users to sign-in using Facebook, but those who do so will receive more calling minutes as well as more applicable ads.

Appearance and Layout: Indycall is very relevant and useful for making calls to India (even from overseas!). The call quality is great (depending on internet connection) and although the ads are sometimes bothersome, it certainly beats having to pay extraordinary amounts for placing an international call.

Indycall has an impressively clean and well-manicured appearance with an easily readable font and a simple fuze color scheme.

The layout of Indycall is similar to a basic phone-calling app and makes use of the user’s phone book. Icons are the normal dialpad, recent contacts, phone book, etc making it easy to find the numbers or contacts you’re looking for.

The superb appearance and layout of Indycall makes this app a thrill to use.

Value: Indycall is free to download and use and does not ever prompt for payment for anything. Indycall is supported by advertisements, so users watch an advertisement each time before making a call. At only 14 MB to download, Indycall is an incredible app for users who either live in India or make regular calls to India.

About This App: Call any phone in India not sparing a penny and get caller ID
Call any phone in India not sparing a penny. You don’t need money to make a phone call. IndyCall works without credit cards, bills or balances. IndyCall also identifies unknown phone numbers for you.
  • - Start the call
  • - Select your contact or dial a number just like you always do.
  • - Check out the advertisement
  • - Wait until it ends or close it manually to proceed.
  • - Do the talking
◆ The call time limit is displayed when you dial. Duration of free calls is based on your location and the number you dial
◆ You can purchase indyminutes
     Indiminutes remove ads and duration limits. Each indyminute gives one minute to your call to India
◆ Option to register your phone number
Download App: -Click Here
Caller ID feature can be adjusted or disabled completely at any time in the settings menu.
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