WhatsApp will be discontinued on this phone in 2020.

WhatsApp will be discontinued on this phone in 2020.

Whatsapp Related Important News,,I You Have Such A Smartphone, Whatsapp Will Not Run On Your Smartphone From 1st February 2020

Friends, today everyone has a smartphone. Nowadays, no one likes a keypad mobile. On a smartphone, everyone is using WhatsApp. Without a mobile phone, no one can live for a day.

Today, everyone has a smartphone. His children also sit and take it if given a mobile. Smartphone usage has started to grow. Smartphones are seen everywhere. Today we will tell you some special things about WhatsApp, which are very important to know. So let’s find out.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp will be discontinued in some Android smartphones starting next year. Deadline is due on February 5th. Let you know that WhatsApp from Windows Mobile Phone has already announced that it will stop supporting it.

WhatsApp will stop working on Windows Phone until later this year. Windows phones are now discontinued, but still some people worldwide use Windows Mobile phones.

Now WhatsApp has come up with some bad news for some Android users. According to WhatsApp, the issue of updating the Android version of Android 4.1 users on Android 4.1 and iPhone users running ios 7 will not increase much since February 3, as the company also gives a new update to older iPhones like the iPhone 5S. But this is not the case with Android, many companies have stopped getting updates of Android in old smartphones.

Generally, WhatsApp has also said that the company’s decision will not affect more users. As well as the work has said that only people who are using many old Android phones and iPhones will be affected by this decision. As most people are now using new smartphones and also providing new software updates.

WhatsApp has told users that they should use a smartphone with Android 4.0.3 or above, so that WhatsApp’s service cannot be stopped and used. Even if iPhone users use iOS 8 or above, you won’t have any trouble running WhatsApp.

Even before that, WhatsApp has stopped supporting older smartphones. It had smartphones from BlackBerry and older versions of Windows. Apart from this, the company has stopped supporting it for smartphones running on Symbian.
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