Govt Launches BHIM 2.0 with New Functionalities, Additional Language Support

Govt Launches BHIM 2.0 with New Functionalities, Additional Language Support 

BHIM 2.0 : The IT Ministry on Monday unveiled a slew of new initiatives and programmes, including BHIM 2.0 that packs-in new functionalities, supports additional languages and has increased transaction limits,Please Always Check Our Website to Know Upcoming Latest Jobs, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post,Keep checking regularly to get the latest updates.

Features & Benefits Of Upi 2.0

You can now link your over-draft account to UPI which was not available until now.
  • Customer Benefits
  • Gets a digital channel to access over-draft account.
  • Instant linking of over-draft account in UPI.
With this option, while making payment using the intent or through scanning QR, the user will get additional security in the form of signed QR / intent. With the signed QR , issues related to tampering QR as well as having non-verified entities shall be reduced.

Customer Benefits :
  • Will be assured of the authenticity of the receiver and will be informed if the QR is not secured.
  • Transaction shall be done faster as app passcode will not be required in case of signed intent. 

MANDATE : With this feature you can pre-authorise (Mandate) a transaction, for debit from your bank account later. UPI mandate is to be used in scenarios where money is to be transferred later, however the commitment towards that is to be done now. It is possible that the sender may forget to send money later so creates a mandate or for a service/merchant payment wherein this functionality may be required. The customer's account shall get debited when the mandate is executed. UPI mandate can be executed one time only.

Customer Benefits : Can create mandate for payments that are to be done later.
In case of merchant payments/service, it acts as assurance to both the customer as well as merchant.

So far when a collect request was sent you could only verify the amount being paid and make the payment post entering the UPI PIN. Now prior to making the payment you will be able to check the invoice being paid via a link and thereby verify the details of the transaction before you pay for the same. This functionality is only available for the invoices of verified merchants.

Download BHIM 2.0 Application

Customer Benefit :
Gets to view the bill in the UPI app, verify the details and pay the invoice.

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