Zaverchand Meghani shaurastra ni rasdhar bhag 1 To 5 Audio Format

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He was born on August 28 1896 within the village of Chotila , Gujarat . His mother’s name was Dholabai and his father’s name was Kalidas Meghani, who was a Jain speaker of Bagsara. His father’s job was within the local department and thanks to his transfer through the local department he had to measure together with his family in several villages of Gujarat. Zawarchand was studied in places like Rajkot , Datha , Paliad, Bagsara, Amreli. He was matriculated within the Government highschool of that point in Amreli and within the present TP Gandhi and MT Gandhi Girls’ School, getting his education from 5 to eight. In 8, he completed his graduate studies in English also as Sanskrit from Shamaldas University in Bhavnagar.

After completing his studies, In Kolkata , they’re in KolkataSituated in an aluminum company called Jivan Lal Limited. He also had to maneuver to England once while performing at this company. After working during this company for 3 years, he quit his job and settled in Bagsara. He was married to Damayantiben based in Jetpur. From a young age, Zaverchand had been a keen thinker of Gujarati literature and through his Calcutta stay he was introduced to Bengali literature. After settling in Bagsara, he started writing in print, ‘Saurashtra’, published from Ranpur. From 3 to eight he was an editor in Saurashtra. During this point , they took their literary writings seriously and wrote ‘Qurbani Stories’ which also became their first published book. He then compiled the ‘Rasadhar of Saurashtra’ and began translating it into Bengali literature.

In writing the poem, he took the step called “the flower of the braid.” within the 3rd. Is. In 9, he was given the Ranjitram trophy for his contribution to folk literature . His collection of confrontational songs, ‘Singhudo’ – inspired the youth of India and led to the birth of BC. Zawarchand had to remain in jail for 2 years. During this point he composed a poem ‘Poison Bowl’ on Gandhi’s visit to Gandhi’s Golmaji conference. Gandhi honored Zaverchand Meghani with the title of National Shire. He also started writing short stories in print called Fulchhab. Is. After the death of his wife within the 5th, he moved to Mumbai within the 5th. Here he was married to Chitradevi. He started writing articles and writing independent novels within the name Janam Bhoomi within the name of ‘Kalam and Kitab’. Is. From 1 to five, he played the role of editor of Phulchhab, during which he published his booklet ‘Mareela Ke Rudhir’. Is. His book ‘Manasai’s lamp’ was honored with the Mahinda Prize in 9th and within the same year he was appointed the top of the literature department of the Gujarati Literature Council.

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