[KISAN] Khedut Tools Kit Sahay Yojana Gujarat - Hand Tools Kit Scheme 2020

Khedut Tools Kit Sahay Yojana Gujarat - Hand Tools Kit Scheme 2020 for online Applying I-khedit Portal

• Scheduled Caste - Small marginal farmer excluding ST and ST is allowed to pay 75% or Rs.4500. Hand tools Examples include ax, sickle, scythe, pitchfork, spade, shovel, trowel, hoe, fork, and rake,Latest News, occupations Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews.in Please share with your companions this Post.

• Durable in nature, these Agriculture Hand Tools are made of rustproof metal that is suggested by experts. Wider in size, these products are best in quality and easier to use. Moreover this, these presented hand tools are demanded by customers due to the highly sturdy body and weatherproof nature.

• Water Soluble Fertilizer as per the norms of the existing Fertilizer Control Act of the Government of India which has to be purchased from the private/public enterprises approved by the Government for production/sale. ર The evidence will have to be submitted for drip irrigation. This assistance will be available to the beneficiary only once.

• The state has achieved an average agricultural growth rate of over 5% in the last decade. For the first time, the state has given innovative programs like agricultural festivals and Soil Health Cards in the country. The Vikas Yatra is an innovative addition to this step of the year. The farmers of the state should get timely information about the farm material needed for cultivation, the latest agricultural information can be made available by finger tare. I-Farmer Portal is implemented by the department,

See what items are used in agriculture..
  1. Tractor and power
  2. Soil cultivation
  3. Planting
  4. Fertilizing & Pest Control
  5. Irrigation
  6. Produce sorter
  7. Harvesting / post-harvest
  8. Haymaking.
First of all, Visit the Official website of Ikhedut Portal: Step by Step ikhedut Portal Application Registration - Gujarat Ikhedut Portal Scheme Eligibility

The Verification work is also fully documented after the site check / record-checking:

Gujarat Ikhedut Portal Online Apply - A Framer Resident of Gujarat can apply for the scheme:

The farmer must have Aadhaar Card.

• A Farmer must have a Bank Account. There are numerous Govt schemes are available on Ikhedut Portal. Here are the steps you have to follow for applying online:

• First of all, Visit the Official website of Ikhedut Portal:
More details Official site,
Online application,
• Step by Step ikhedut Portal Application Registration:

First Step:
ikhedut portal Open and Click Yojana Menu..

Second Step: Scroll Page and tap Scheme - Yojana.

Third Step: It will show the list of schemes available for that department.(There are full Details for This Scheme - Yojana.

Fourth Step: If you are a registered farmer then Select Yes and click on Proceed.
  • Now Click on Apply for New Application.
  • It will show you a form.
  • Fill that form and click on Submit
  • Dated: 13/01/2020 From Until 31/01/2020
NOTE: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website - Thanks for visit this useful Post, Stay connected with us for more Posts.
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