National Scholarship Portal is open for Fresh and Renewal Applications - How to apply at

National Scholarship Portal is open for Fresh and Renewal Applications - How to apply at

NSP is one-stop solution through which various services starting from student application,
application receipt, verification, processing, and disbursal of various scholarships to students
are facilitated. National Scholarship Portal is taken as Mission Mode Project (MMP) under
Digital India. This initiative aims at providing a Simplified, Mission-oriented, Accountable,
Responsive and Transparent 'SMART' System for faster and effective disbursal of Scholarship
to eligible applicants directly into their account through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) without
any leakages.
2. Purpose of the Document
This document defines Roles and Responsibilities of all users of NSP, and briefly conveys the
high-level processes involved while operating NSP.

The steps involved in NSP are as follows:
  • Step-1: Student Registration and Application Submission
  • Step-2: Level 1 Verification of Application at Institute Level
  • Step-3: Level 2/3 Verification of Application at District/State/Ministry Level
  • Step-4: Beneficiary Records Creation and Account Validation by PFMS
  • Step-5: Applications Deduplication and Merit List Generation
  • Step-6: Payment File Generation and Financial Approval
  • Step-7: Scholarship Disbursement through DBT
  • Kindly refer User manual(s) for steps involved at each of the above steps.

Registration Process for Fresh Students:
a) Students applying for scholarship for the first time need to "Register" on the portal
as fresh applicant, using the icon “New Registration” at NSP Portal URL -, by providing accurate and correct information as per their
b) Before initiating registration process, students are advised to carefully go through the
“Guidelines for Registration on National Scholarship Portal” and keep theirEducational and other documents such as Aadhaar number, Enrolment number, Bank
passbook etc. in hand.
c) Fields marked as ‘*’ are mandatory.
d) Students who have been assigned Aadhaar shall mandatorily provide their Aadhaar
number in their application.
e) Student(s)/The Student who do not possess Aadhaar shall provide the enrolment ID
(if available), and upload scanned copy Bank Passbook with Photograph, in PDF or
JPEG format (Maximum size 200 KB). The student will also be required to upload
bonafide student certificate from Institute / School in along with their application
f) Upon submitting all the details on registration page, student will get a unique
application ID and password through SMS on the provided(registered) mobile
g) The student shall login to NSP using application ID and password received. The
student must change the password upon first login. This password has to be kept safely
and confidentially. The student can change the mobile number only before the first
login, i.e. before changing the received password.
h) The student can apply in any of the scheme on-boarded on NSP by providing accurate
and correct information as per their documents, and shall submit the documents to the
Institute after Final submission of the application at NSP portal.
i) The detailed procedure for filling the application form has been provided in the User
Manual for Applicants.

Process for Renewal Students:
a) Renewal Students are the students who have been granted scholarship in any of the
scheme on-boarded at NSP, in the immediately preceding Academic Year.
b) Renewal Students can only apply for renewal of scholarship in the same scheme, for
which they have been granted scholarship in the previous Academic Year. Student is
required to update their marks obtained in previous year and submit the application
on NSP Portal. The student must keep the account in which scholarship was received
in previous year as active (i.e. non-dormant) and functional to receive scholarship
c) In case the student wish to apply for any other scheme, he/she must login using their
previous year’s application ID and password, select the option for withdrawing the renewal application, and then register as a Fresh Student in the current Academic
Year. Thereafter, they shall follow the process for Fresh Application.

Required Documents List:
● Adharcard
● Bank Passbook
● Income Certificate
● Caste Certificate For Special Category
● Mobile Number
● Passport Size Photograph
● Mobile Number
● Previous Year Education Qualification Certificate

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