Erase and not just format data before selling your phone

Erase and not just format data before selling your phone

Now before selling your old gadgets like Mobile, Laptop and Hard Disk, you should make sure that you can safely delete all your data not just the format but delete it. By doing so, you can use any good software data eraser, so that your sensitive data will not be taken from any unknown, hacker or even cyber criminals.

According to a study, “almost all hard disks found in the second hand market have a large amount of private data from their old owner. A study conducted by Stahler Data Recovery said that most of the customers in India are not aware that old data can be retrieved in their old drive and mobile. It is also necessary to delete data formatting along with formatting for data privacy. “

In this study it has been explained that, “Most of the time, Indians are not knowledgeable about the methods of data sanitation. The studio has to purchase some older hard disk drives from any major online platform. All these drives have been rectified in many sensitive and high-risk data. According to the researchers, most of the drives purchased for this study have been formatted and have not been properly erased. ”

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