INS Kalvari: First Made-In-India Scorpene Class Submarine Joins Navy

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INS Kalvari: First Made-In-India Scorpene Class Submarine Joins Navy Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday commissioned India's first Scorpene class submarine INS Kalvari in Mumbai and described it as a 'prime example of Make in India'.

"The submarine is an excellent illustration of the fast growing strategic partnership between India and France," he said. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi commissionedINS Kalvari, the first of the six Scorpene-class submarines built under Project 75 (Kalvari Class) into the Indian Navy at a ceremony held at the Navy ..

In India, the first Scorpion class submarine INS Kalavari has joined Navyon Thursday. After 17 years in the Indian Navy, a traditional submarine has been included. The first is the submarine whose intelligence was linked to the warfare intelligence in August. The Australian newspaper had its explanation. There were 22,400 pages in the leaked document, on which restructured Scorpion India wrote. It is part of the operational management of submarine operations. Submarine diesel and electricity runs on. It is SAGAR named after the name of the Kalvari. With more than 23,000 crores of deal with France, five more types of submarines are to be built by 2020.
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The top secret associated with the clovel was leaked last year, the less noise the enemy could not even know. The name of the submarine would be the sea. PM Narendra Modi handed over the submarine to the nation. He said that Kalavari is giving the name of the sea because it means security and development for all in the field (Security and Growth for All in Regions). The 16th submarine involved in the Indian Navy. After 17 years, the submarine submarine was submerged for the first indigenous diesel-powered nuclear submarine.
Here are 10 things to know about INS Kalvari:

The Navy is inducting six Scorpene class submarines in a 3 billion dollar contract. Construction for the first submarine, being commissioned today, began in December 2006.
The Kalvari will be the most modern non-nuclear submarine in the Navy and is powered by an extremely silent diesel-electric motor making it very difficult to detect underwater.
The submarine is armed with heavy weight torpedoes and Exocet anti-ship missiles. The submarine can launch torpedoes both while submerged or on the surface.
The Kalvari has an overall length of 67.5 metres and a height of 12.3 metres.
The heart of the Kalvari's weapons system is SUBTICS or Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System suite which processes information from the sonars onboard the submarine in detecting targets which can then be engaged with torpedoes or missiles.
The submarine has an attack and search periscope equipped with Infrared/Low Light Level cameras and Laser Range finders to spot targets on the surface of the sea.
The second Scorpene submarine, INS Khanderi, is currently undergoing trials and is likely to be inducted soon.
Sensitive data on the operations of this class of submarine was leaked and reported by an Australian publication prompting a full-fledged investigation in France.
'Kalvari' means Tiger Shark in Malayalam to reflect its agility, strength and predatory prowess.
The very first Indian Navy submarine also bore the name Kalvari and was commissioned in December 1967. The Indian Navy has been operating submarines (including nuclear attack and ballistic missile submarines) for 50 years.

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