How to add a missing place to the Google Map

How to put your shop, home or business location in Google Map? - How to Add My Address / Location on Google Maps?

Today I will tell you in this post how you can enter your home, shop, business, restaurant, school location address in Google Map. You can also add photo, website, business card along with your place's address and name. If you do business and want to tell more about your shop or business, then you should add your business name and address to Google Map. This will allow your customers to easily find your address on Google Map and reach you,Please Always Check Our Website to Know Upcoming Latest Jobs, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post,Keep checking regularly to get the latest updates.

How to enter your home or shop on Google Map?
(1). First you open the Google Map application in your mobile.
How to enter your home or shop on Google Map?
The Google Map App is inbuilt in almost all Android phones. If your phone does not have this app then you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Note- You can also add your address in Google Map by opening Google Map ( in Chrome Browser as well.

(2). You will see 3 line icon in the left side of the search box. Click on that 3 line menu icon

How to enter your home or shop on Google Map

(3). After this a screen will open. When you scroll through it, you will see the option of 'Add a Missing Place'. Have to tap on that.

(4). As soon as you click on 'Add a Missing Place' A new page will open.

(5). There you have to enter some details.

1. Enter the name of your place / business.
2. Enter your address.

How to enter your home or shop in Google

* You can also mark the location on the map. For this, you have to turn on the location of your phone. Google Map will automatically detect your location

* Click on Mark Location on Map to enter the address. Then you have to set your address on map. After setting the address, click Done.
Doing so will show your location on the map.

3. After that you have to select Catogari. Like -home, restaurant, school, temple, cafe, bar, shopping center, cinema, music etc.

4. Now you will see another option below. By clicking 'Add phone, Hours, Website and photos' you can also enter your mobile number, photos, website link. All these details will be publicly show.

(6). Now click on the Done icon in the right-hand side above.

How to Add Home / shop Address On Google Maps

By doing so, your location will be added to Google.
After entering your location 2 - 3 days your address will start showing in Google.

How to change the details of your address? How to Edit Details
  • If you have entered your wrong place or wrong address in Google, you can also correct it.
  • Click on the 3 line icon again for any correction.
  • Then click on Your Contribution and go to the edit option.
On your computer, open Google Maps.

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