Mobile Keep On Silent Mode And If Lost?

Mobile Keep On Silent Mode And If Lost?

First of all, lost mobile access through Google IDs

1.Take any other Android phone.
2.Open the Internet browser and type '' on the first link that appears in the 'Find my phone via Android Device Manager' search results. 

3.Sign in by entering Google or Gmail ID and password.
4.With this you will see options like your phone's model, its battery level, play sound, secure device and erase device. At the same time, the location of your phone exactly where the location is located will also show on Google maps.

5. If thephone is somewhat neglected at home, then select the first option 'Play Sound'. At the same time, even if the phone is on silent mode, its ring will rotate and its ring will remain on full volume for five minutes continuously. Suppose that the phone is lost or stolen out of the way, you can delete all the data from your phone immediately after leaving Erase Dev's option and by selecting 'Secure Devices' you can lock the phone completely.

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