Khedut Sahay package 3700 crore - more than 33% crop loss per hectare Rs. Assistance of 10 thousand

Khedut Sahay package 3700 crore - more than 33% crop loss per hectare Rs.  Assistance of 10 thousand

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which started in the afternoon, the Rupani government announced an aid package of Rs 3,700 crore for farmers.

in a statement under Rule-44 on the first day of the seventh session of the 14th Legislative Assembly as the Leader of the Assembly, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that the Gujarat faremrs relief package Announced.

Khedut Sahay package 3700 crore
The Chief Minister said that this farmer-friendiy government of the state has always been a sensitive government that stood by the farmers in their time of need. in this regard, CM Rupani added that in the month of August 2020, heavy rains in some taiukas of the state have resulted in flooding of farms and damage to crops. The aid package has beengiven in response to the ‘ representations made by the farmers, farmers' organizations and people's representatives of the state to the state government to provide assistance against these losses.

The Chief Minister, in a statement to the Legislative Assembly under Rule-44, said, "The onset of monsooh in the state this year was well and timely. In the early stages, the rains were favorable for agriculture and all the districts of the state had very good production conditions. However, heavy rains lashed some talukas of the state during the month of August and there were reports of crap damage due to flooding.

Damage to crops including groundnut, cotton, paddy

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has said that heavy rains in some talukas of the state in August 2020 have resulted in tiooding of farms causing damage to crops. The onset of monsoon in the state this year was good and timely. In the initial stage, there was moderate rainfall and very good production conditions in all' the districts of the state, but during the month of August, some talukas of the state received heavy rains and due to flooding in the fields, damage was reported to "crops.

mainly groundnut, cotton, paddy, sesame, Crops like millets, pulses, vegetables etc. have been damaged. '

An areal of 37 lakh hectares will be eligible for assistance: The state government has repeatedly announced that the state government was considering providing assistance to farmers in the state In case of crop loss of 33 per cent and above. Out of the estimated 51 lakh hectares of planted area in 123 talukas of 20 districts of the state. an estimated 37 lakh hectares will be eligible for assistance as per the aid norms after conslderlng the assessment of the survey conducted by the Agriculture Department on September 19 damage In some talukas in kharif season this year.

For 2 hectares Rs. 10 thousand per hectare assistance

In case of crop loss of 33% and above, a maximum of Rs. 10 thousand per hectare assistance wlll be paid. In addition. no matter how little land the farmer has, he should be paid at least R9. The state government has decided to pay Rs 5,000. The assistance package will benefit an estlmated 27 lakh farmer account holders in the state. Not only that, if there is an assessment of crop damage in other talukas of the state, the state government will also consider it.

The portal will be open from October1

The portal for online application for this assistance will be open from October 1, with the cost of applyan online being borne by the state government. Farmers will have to apply at the nearest egram center. At the end of the approval process as per the application, the assistance will be deposited directly online in the farmer's bank account, the CM said.

In case of 33 per ceht and above crop loss, a maximum of Rs. 10 thousand per hectare. will be paid for 2 hectares. In addition, it has been decided to pay at least Rs 5,000 to the farmers even if they have less land. The assistance package will benefit an estimated 27 lakh farmer account

The Gujarat government has made a big announcement fer farinere for the damage caused by heavy rains. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced assistance to farmers worth Rs 3700 crore in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. State Government announces assistance to farmers The Chief Minister made the announcement in the Legislative Assembly 3700 crore will be provided to farmers 
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Currently, farmers‘ crops have been severely damaged due to heavy rains in the state. T hen Chief Minister \fljay Rupani made a statement in the Legislative Assenibly on this matter of public importance. The Chief Minister said that Rs 3700 crore would be provided to farmers. More and more farmer account holders will get assistance. In which 27 lakh farmers will be assisted. 44 23 talukas of 20 districts will be assisted. The farmer will be able to register online from October 1. The government has made a big announcement about the loss to the farmers.

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