Shikshan Sahayak Bharti Provisional Marit list 2 HS Declare 2020

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comming soon - If there is any business in the holy, it is education, we have to serve by getting value. If that service is left untouched, the society, the nation and the world will suffer in the long run. When we have the golden opportunity to do this sacred business, along with earning money, we will also realize that we have a responsibility to build the best citizens for the country, for the society. Just as a farmer takes care of the welfare as well as the welfare of the people when he grows grain in the field, we also have a duty to discharge. As a teacher, one has to not only complete the lessons of the course but also the lessons of life formation. There are also certain duties that must be followed to become a full and well-equipped teacher. For example, the profession of a teacher is a sacred profession - this OL should be fully assimilated mentally. 

• School time should be adhered to on time. તેવું Timely completion of one's duties. 0 Always speak the truth. 7 Prioritize regularity.  Going to the classroom with subject textbooks as well as reference books. સમ Read other books - keep meditating. Be aware of the current situation. To do teaching work with available educational tools. 

• K.P. Prioritize work and practical knowledge. To guide the students by participating in different competitions. Don't let personal problems or confusions get in the way of the classroom if EA. 
• Treat a child like a child in serious matters. At least in 0 years to complete the creative work. Mandatory attendance at national events. Celebrate various occasions as well as festivals at school. To develop the strengths of the students by organizing a small-big tour in 3 years. Virtue, OLL 
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The protagonist of Kenny's duties should be seen in practice. Helping economically weaker students through public contribution. There are children with different IQs in the classroom so make sure everyone gets justice. 
* Inevitably leave should be sanctioned in advance except in circumstances. So Assign creative work to children instead of corporal punishment. To work to prepare the best citizens for the society and the country. Avoid mobile or addiction in the presence of students. When checking the answer book, make sure that no child is treated unfairly. Providing education of moral values ​​in the classroom, is to say interesting things while teaching motivational events of the lives of countrymen, social workers, great men or in proxy hours. Building life through inspiring examples. Trying to make an impression as an ideal teacher. 

To satisfy the curiosity of the children, to develop the oratory power, writing power, expression power in the child, to give guidance accordingly by knowing the interests and interests of the children. To complete the work assigned by the superior faithfully and on time. Treat each member of the school family humanely. Take special care of children with disabilities. To teach children lessons of discipline and bravery. 0 To do teaching work in the classroom with a happy leopard. The teacher continuously teaches the child in school for six hours. That is why it has a direct impact on the child, when 25% of the child's life is completed in school, we also have a duty to faithfully perform our duties and responsibilities. Best wishes to all teacher friends for future success...
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GSERB. Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2019- jobs in Gujarat online Notification: – Gujarat State Education Recruitment Board (GSERB) has invited the online application form for the posts of the Shikshan Sahayak. The official board has released the vacancies for the Shikshan Sahayak. Candidates may check the official notification of the GSERB
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Higher Secondary General Merit. Adv. No. Subject, Action. 
1. Commerce(Account & Business Administration). Download. 
2. Biology. Download. 
3. Chemistry...
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PML 2 :-
HS vacancy in government sikshna sahayk Bharti,
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